FG Xpress Powerstrips™ are a patented fusion of energy, technology and ancient herbs. They are doctor formulated and listed by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. This exclusive product utilizes a unique and patented technology to provide Far Infrared Energy to the body to help reduce or eliminate pain. Powerstrips also contain fermented Korean Red Ginseng, Marine Phytoplankton, Silver, and a blend of minerals and nutrients your body needs to restore and maintain health.

From Acne to Radiance!

You can have beautiful skin using this skincare line based on new adult stem cell technology! So many people all over the world are struggling with skin conditions. Our breakthrough technology is making a difference for people that didn’t think they would be able to.

Difference in Texture and Tone

Who do you know that wants to look years younger without injections or surgery? Don’t we all want to look our best no matter what age we are? Our skincare line is giving us
back that youthful glow we lose as we age. We call it the “glow factor”.